Our Dispensing Card

Purchase today and save on the cost of private prescription medicines

Do you have to pay for the medicines on your private prescription? Would you like to significantly reduce the amount you pay? 

Do you know that prices for private prescription medicines are completely unregulated in the UK and the amount of mark-up on top of the actual cost of medicines is solely dictated by the individual pharmacy?

At DrugsDirect we offer you both peace of mind and a significant saving. Our unique Dispensing Card allows you to purchase private prescription medicines at 'Trade' price (same price that UK pharmacies pay for medicines), which means that you won't need to shop around anymore to find the best price. 

Our annual / quarterly Dispensing Card is simply a pre-payment of professional dispensing services provided by our qualified and experienced pharmacists when processing your private prescriptions. 

The Benefits

The benefits of our Dispensing Card are two-fold:

1. Significant savings on the cost of private prescription medicines, compared to many other pharmacies

Example of savings (comparing our prices with and without dispensing card):

Amount spent on prescription medicines per month Annual saving with our Dispensing Card
£110 £20
£220 £140
£550 £500

2. Access to our dedicated pharmacist for professional support and advice regarding your prescription medicines

There are no limints on the quantity or value of prescription medicines which an individual patient may obtain from DrugsDirect on private prescription, for their personal use, not for resale and up to 90 days at a time.

Dispensing Cards


Our dispensing card allows you to buy private prescription medicines at 'trade price' (for 1 person)

Per Annum   Per Quarter

£200 Per Annum

The Cost

We have two options for you to consider

  1. £50 - Our Quarterly Dispensing Card (three months)
  2. £200 - Our Annual Dispensing Card (twelve months)

Terms & VAT

For our full Terms and Conditions, please refer to our Terms of Sale, Terms of Use and Acceptable Use Policies.

There is no VAT to pay on private prescription medicines in the UK and there is no VAT to pay on the professional dispensing service provided by our pharmacists.